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Item no. : ROT3035CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : ROTTEN
Release Date : 17 November 2008



Baltimore’s Dog Fashion Disco spent the better part of a decade whipping audiences into animalistic frenzies with their brand of hard rock. Formed in 1999 by vocalist Todd Smith and keyboardist Jeff Siegel, Dog Fashion quickly rose to the top of the underground with the release of their 2001 debut, Anarchists of Good Taste. The album was quickly praised by critics and fans alike for its quirky Faith No More musical fusion that drew influences from Clutch to Tool. The band’s sophomore effort, Committed To A Bright Future, followed in 2003 and helped them develop a loyal underground following of fans (dubbed the “mushroom cult”). The group also earned the respect of musical contemporaries Serj Tankian of System of a Down (who made a guest appearance on Anarchists of Good Taste), Mushroomhead and American Head Charge. The group’s final album Adultery was Dog Fashion Disco’s swan song and the group’s biggest accomplishment. Mixing metal, hardcore, jazz and lounge fusion, the album took listeners on a journey through one man’s self-destruction in a twisted concept record. The album played out Like a Tarantino movie with Dog Fashion Disco playing the soundtrack to one man’s demented journey.
1. Baby Satan 2. Day of the Dead 3. Gardenia 4. Rat on a Sinking Ship 5. Devil’s Wife 6. Barely Breathing 7. Satan’s March 8. Anaconda 9. Worm in a Dog’s Heart (live) 10. 100 Suicides (live) 11. 9-5 at the Morgue (live) 12. Desert Grave (live) 13. Turning Gay 14. Hank Steel the Real Queer Cowboy
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