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Item no. : KING031LP
Artist : DOITS, THE
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 03 July 2006



The story of The Doits began in the late ‘70s in Skellefteå, the “capital of pop” in north Sweden, where the two brothers Altay and David Sagesen were born and raised. They didn't like the taste of the mainstream pop that they grew up with so, by the time they formed their own band, they had developed an appetite for the heavier flavours of rock music and started looking for inspiration on the other side of the Atlantic. Together with multi-platinum producer Christoffer Lundquist (Ed Harcourt, Per Gessle, Magic Numbers), the band spent a few weeks in his studio Aerosoul Grey Machine and recorded their second album: “Lost, Lonely & Vicious”! It is fair to say that, out of the various bands that The Doits have been influenced by, The Heartbreakers are probably their most significant sources. Unlike many bands, The Doits don’t tend to lean towards either Johnny Thunder OR Tom Petty but, instead, draw their inspiration from both ends of the musical spectrum.


  • 1. Solid Ground
  • 2. Lose All The Time
  • 3. Take You Out
  • 4. Love You From The Planet I´m On
  • 5. Lost Lonely & Vicious
  • 6. I Could Never Make You Stay
  • 7. Hurt Someone
  • 8. Turn My Water Into Wine
  • 9. Million
  • 10. Righteous In A Liars Mind
  • 11. Gets To The Weaker One
  • 12. Hey Kid, I want You To Stay
  • 13. Ghost & Goblins
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