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Release Date : 12 May 2008



Filled with a deep, impenetrable magic charm since their beginning, Dornenreich continue their path into the innermost self and their search for the world’s all-being in their artistic endeavors. Their ever-changing yet ever recognizable works – from the passionate early effort “Nicht um zu sterben” (1997) via the stirring, deeply demanding “Her von welken Nächten” (2001) to their 2006 masterpiece of misty soundscapes “Durch den Traum” – are clearly united by a common thread: the yearning for freedom, fantasy, and enlightenment. “In Luft geritzt” shows Austrian musicians Jochen ‘Eviga’ Stock and Thomas ‘Inve’ Riesner, who are the creative heads of Dornenreich since 2006, from a totally new perspective: the pieces are acoustically arranged, yet they strongly defy the stereotypes of an ‘unplugged’ album. The title – ‘Carved in Air’ – is open to interpretation and hints at Dornenreich’s aim to merge music, words and image into something that is searching and demanding at the same time, something that sounds as powerful as it sounds unforced. The lyrical contents of the album are reduced to a minimum – the few whispered, murmured, screamed or sung words by Eviga are to be considered more as an additional instrument than actual vocals, blending in with the fragile and powerful compositions. With the title of the album, Dornenreich hint at the magically illuminated line between the visible and the invisible, to penetrate into deeper being – to a place where body, mind, and soul are one. To guarantee a fitting sound for ‘In Luft geritzt’ and to let the spirit of the album breathe and mature freely, the tracks have been recorded live and without any technical gimmickry at the Villa Stapf, an ancient edifice in Tyrol. This process grants ‘In Luft geritzt’ an intense sound space that once more highlights the duo’s intentions. And as soon as Inve’s soulful violin parts are heard and Eviga’s yearning chords carve images into the air, you feel very close to this old magic, this entrance to the world’s depths where Eros and Thanatos celebrate their own ancient dance.

1. Drang
2. Unruhe
3. Jagd
4. Freitanz
5. Sehnlauf
6. Flügel in Fels
7. Meer
8. Aufbruch
9. Dem Wind geboren
10. Zauberzeichen

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