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Item no. : PMZ147
Artist : EGONAUT
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 28 August 2015



Hailing from Sweden, Egonaut have spent the last ten years refining their blend of stoner rock, seventies hard rock, metal and doom into a bastard child of those genres, carving their own niche that allows them to stand out in the ever so crowded metal scene.

Having released the albums Electric (2011) and Mount Egonaut (2013) Egonaut felt it was time to break new grounds and take the sound to a darker place. Seeking to lure out a darker side of Egonaut the band sat down and drew the first guidelines of what was to become Deluminati.
Written during the dreary Swedish winter the album is filled to the brim with more darkness, aggression and melancholy than ever before. Reflecting on the state of the world today as well as the changes people face in life. It´s not just the lyrics or the music alone that is gloomier than before, but the sum of it all and that is what creates the vibe that will give the listeners both shivers and joy.


01. The Declaration
02. From The Coals
03. Pariah
04. The Beholder
05. Iustitia Infernalis
06. Hex
07. Threescore And Ten
08. Acheron
09. Waypoints
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