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Item no. : AFMCD229
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 17 November 2008



If there is a metal band that seemed destined to release a “folk album” at some point in their career, it was always going to be ELVENKING, from Pordenone, Italy. The folk influences in their melodic metal sound have always been obvious, but even after the release of their debut album “Heathenreel” fans kept asking for an all-acoustic release from the band. The shouts became louder throughout the years, but also ELVENKING themselves became familiar with the idea. So now, after the very successful release of “The Scythe” in September 2007 the time was right to think about this new project. But it was clear right from the beginning that ELVENKING would not release just an EP with a few song, it would be a full, worthy album.

Also ELVENKING have found a great mixture on this album, that shows all characteristics and facets of their sound. It will amaze every fan of their previous works, be it the last, more dark “The Scythe” or the classic debut “Heathenreel”. “Two Tragedy Poets…” includes new versions of fan favourites like “The Wanderer”, “The Winter Wake” and “The Perpetual Knot” (bonus track) but the band has also composed 10 brand new songs in a pure folk sound!

1. The caravan of weird figures
2. Another awful Hobs tale
3. From blood to stone
4. Ask a silly question
5. She lives at dawn
6. The Winter Wake (acoustic version)
7. Heaven is a place on earth
8. My own spider’s web
9. Not my final song
10. The blackest of my hearts
11. The wanderer (acoustic version)
12. Miss Conception
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