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Item no. : ARMCD011
Product type : Compact Disc Mini
Release Date : 26 November 2007


Endezzma was founded in Norway during the grey tunes of the 2005 autumn. A gathered stronghold of old nekro misfits then created an oppressive and morbid cult movement known as Endezzma. The members of this cult wear the weight of decades of experience from the darkest corners and earliest constellations of the scene (among others members of Kvist, Ragnarok, Urgehal and Vulture Lord), now ready to unite their negative forces against life. Endezzma transfer old atmosphere combined with eerie seductive compositions into what people want to rate or should rate as avantgarde 1st class sublime nekro requiems! The bands MCD works as a appetiser or a warning on what will hit the scenes later when the giant "Morbid Session" album will seduce and abuse the scene in one way or another, most likely and intentionally in a negative manner. The cult of Endezzma will do live performances around the world during 2008, with the kickstart in Oslo 10th of November this year. Darker places thus better. Like an old serpent with fresh poison they will crawl the eerie filth of the world known as death!
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