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Item no. : TRECD015
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 20 July 2018



It is assumed one would ask how a death metal band could come to perform at a famed Opera house, sold out mind you, alongside classically trained ballerinas? It’s a question the members of Entombed still ask themselves when pondering a recording that now stands as a unique and special moment in the band’s decade-long history. What started as an off-the-wall idea of choreographers Bogdan Szyber and Carina Reich resulted in one of the most lavish and unique ensembles surely in both Entombed’s and Stockholm’s Royal Opera Hall. Recorded (absolutely no overdubs) on March 1, 2002, Unreal Estate is without a doubt the best live recording of the three-time Swedish Grammy nominated band to date. For the band it documents a fantastic experience with their original songs specially re-arranged for the 45-minute performance. Surrounded by more than 30 of Sweden’s finest and most celebrated ballet dancers, the performance marked the first time in the history of Royal Opera Hall that earplugs were distributed to the guests at the door. The media immediately described it as “one of the most powerful and moving experiences ever.” This beautifully packaged digipak release features an elaborate picture book that documents from start to finish the performance and its rehearsals. Photographer Mats Backer compiled the photographs day and night, cataloging the band, the dancers and beautiful architecture of the hall.

2. Chief Rebel Angel
3. Say it in Slugs
4. It is Later than you think
5. Returning to Madness
6. Mental Twin
7. Night Of The Vampire
8. Unreal estate
9. In The Flesh
10. Something Out Of Nothing
11. Left Hand Path (outro)


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