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Item no. : BOBV915CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 11 March 2022



Re-issue of the kings of crust punk Extreme Noise Terror's 1989 split release with Filthkick - In It For Life!

FILTHKICK who formed in late 1988, played live with Extreme Noise Terror frequently throughout 1989 splitting up that December having recorded their side of this amazing record in September.

Extreme Noise Terror's abrasive, dual voiced, grinding brutality will maim, pulverize, and destroy small animals and children, leaving a nuked-out wasteland in their wake...

1. Intro
2. In It For Life  
3. Subliminal Music Mind Control
4. Work For Never
5. Punk: Fact Or Faction
6. Cruelty To Carnivores  
7. Damaging Noise
8. Crime Without A Name  
9. Between The Lines
10. The Harder You Fall
11. Cabin Fever (92˚F)
12. No Going Back  
13. Celebration Of Good For Nothingness
14. Brain Fry
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