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Due 27 January 2023
Item no. : BLP0125D
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Release Date : 27 January 2023



Black lion is proud to announce the debut Shadowsouls Garden from Fatal Embrace.

Swedish Blackened Death Metal re-mastered for a proper CD release originally released by Candlelight Records in 1997.
It seems like aeons ago that we took our first steps into the unknown and formed Fatal Embrace back in 1992. The Swedish death metal scene was young and we knew we had to be a part of it. From day one we gave it all we had and little to nothing else seemed important. Tape trading and rehearsals kept us busy until we went into Studiomega in 1994 to record our first demo “Scars in dismal icons”. We sent it to a few labels and within days we got a phone call from Lee Barrett at Candlelight Records offering us a record deal. We were huge fans of those old Emperor and Opeth albums that they had released so we were more than happy to join their roster of now iconic bands.

Fast forward to 2022 and we find ourselves making new music together again. We’re not teenagers in a brand new musical genre anymore but we are hungrier than ever and super excited to re-release our debut album Shadowsouls’ Garden on Black Lion Records and to have it be made available to those who weren’t around back then.
This re-release has been remastered by Christian Silver who recorded and mixed the original album back in 1996. Christian is also a permanent member of Fatal Embrace now as Henric Serholt has stepped up as our lead vocalist. The album cover has also been given a well-deserved update by Simon Bossert. He really captured the feel of the old album cover but made the new cover look the way we could have only dreamed back in 1996.

Included in this re-release are 3 bonus tracks from our 1994 demo Scars in dismal icons. It was only released on cassettes and most of them were sent to record labels, fellow bands in the genre, and die-hard tape traders around the world. It’s a real rarity in the melodic death metal scene.

01. Our Rotten Thirst
02. Path Of Virtue's Shade - That Tepid Torment
03. Well Of Starclouds
04. Shadowsouls' Garden
05. Blood's Icon
06. Drowned In The Crossway Water
07. Under Dark Red Sunburst
08. As Heaven Stood Seasonless And Dead
09. Well Of Starclouds - 1994 Demo Version.
10. Under Dark Red Sunburst - 1994 Demo Version
11. Drowned In The Crossway Waters - 1994 Demo Version
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