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Release Date : 02 December 2013



Fatal Fusion releases their first album on Karisma Records called ‘The Ancient Tale’ this November. Inspired by many of the greats from the 70’s, Genesis, Camel, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Rainbow to name a few, Fatal Fusion delivers Classic Prog Rock which will please rock fans.  The band is on fire, and are exploding a mixture of different styles over the entire album. There are elements of Jazz, Blues, Hard Rock, Classical music, Space rock, Metal and most off all Progressive Rock.

This five piece Norwegian band made up of Audun Engebretsen (drums), Erlend Engebretsen (keyboards), Knut Erik Grontvedt (vocals), Lasse Lie (bass) and Stig Selnes (guitars). They got together as Fatal Fusion in 2008, after some of the band members have been playing together in various bands for years though.
In 2010 they self-produced a release: ‘Land of the Sun’; which received good reviews and a lot of positive feedback, so there has been much demand for a new release the last couple of years.
As Fatal Fusion now has taken quite a few steps up the ladder since 2010, in terms of writing and performing, and with some help from Karisma Records and Herbrand (from Enslaved) on production ‘The Ancient Tale’ has become an album many lovers of classic prog rock will embrace.


01. City of Zerych
02. Halls of Amenti
03. The Divine Comedy
04. Tears I’ve Cried
05. The Ancient Tale
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