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The stylistic focus of the thrash metal band FATEFUL FINALITY is unmistakable whereas their strong individuality and compositional cleverness is always surprising. Having been close friends since kindergarten Simon Schwarzer (guitar, vocals), Patrick Prochiner (guitar, vocals) and Philipp Mürder (bass) founded the band in 2007 together with drummer Mischa Wittek. Since then they have been pulling together, with full power and in the same direction.

From the get-go one of the most remarkable characteristics of the band has been the diverse singing styles. Simon Schwarzer is responsible for the rough vocals whereas Patrick Prochiner takes care of the clean vocals creating an elaborate counterpart. Many of FATEFUL FINALITY's songs live on this deliberately chosen friction and most likely can be regarded artistically as a masterful mix of sound worlds from bands like Machine Head, Exodus, Lamb Of God, Testament or The Haunted. As already was the case on "King Of Torture", "Battery" and "Mankind" FATEFUL FINALITY fire off highly powerful and riffy thrash metal on "Executor" ranging from fast-paced ("Fire And Brimstone", "The Raid") to grooving ("Rot") and featuring a surprisingly modern death metal track "They Breed The Dead".

1. Time Has Come
2. Fire And Brimstone
3. The Raid
4. Wreckage Of The Flush
5. Expect Your Executor
6. They Breed The Dead
7. Rot
8. Venomous
9. Moonchild (Bonus Track)
10. Overkill (Hidden Track)
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