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Item no. : 0723803978610
Artist : FLAMES
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 22 July 2022



FLAMES is a Thrash Metal band, formed by Chris Kirk in 1984. Since then they have released many albums and they have participated in many live shows as headliners or guests often next to great bands. The band resides between Athens, Greece and Munich, Germany and since 1984, the band’s lineup has changed several times but always with the Kirk brothers as the core. The current line-up is: Tom Trampouras (guitars, vocals), Chris "R.B. Lee" Kirk (guitars), Andy Kirk (bass guitar) and Nick "Yngve" Samios (drums).
1. Keeper of the Burning Flame
2. Resurgence
3. Crawl Beyond
4. Rotten Life
5. Murder Taste
6. War in Mind
7. The Crib
8. Mercy Denied
9. Shell Shocked (Western Front)
10. Yourself Unknown
11. H8red
12. Legend III (The Final War) (CD bonus track)
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