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Due 09 August 2024
Item no. : ARMC030
Product type : Music Cassette
Release Date : 09 August 2024



"Nightfloating", the 11th record by FORGOTTEN TOMB, comes after four years from the critically acclaimed "Nihilistic Estrangement" and it's an accurate picture of where the band stands these days, artistically; reinterpreting its Depressive Black Metal roots - a genre the band helped to define in the early 2000s with its classic first three records - in the light of its 25 years' experience, FORGOTTEN TOMB reinvigorates itself with a record that blends past and present, exploring darker territories and different shades of gray. From atmospheric cuts such as the anthemic title-track and the blistering "This Sickness Withered My Heart", to intricate yet harrowing songs such as "A Chill That You Can't Taint" and "Unsafe Spaces", the band tops it off with the surprising dungeon-synth detour of "Drifting" and the 10-minutes epic "A Despicable Gift", crafting an uncompromising yet refreshing album and setting itself apart once again from all bands that followed in its footsteps. From the first note to the last, "Nightfloating" sounds unmistakably like FORGOTTEN TOMB.
1. Nightfloating
2. A Chill That You Can't Taint
3. This Sickness Withered My Heart
4. Unsafe Spaces
5. Drifting
6. A Despicable Gift
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