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Danish FREDDY AND THE PHANTOMS are ready with their sixth studio album “Heathen Gospels”, which is a melting pot of country, blues and desert
rock and their most fully-toned Americana record to date. The album offers a ride into the open landscapes with sky-high promises, while a deep
desperation hides in the valleys of the mind. With these Heathen Hymns, the band focuses on big personal questions such as freedom, spirituality,
betrayal and the eternal desire for power, money and carnal desires.
“Heathen Gospels” was recorded in the band’s own studio in the countryside in Hornbæk on the North Coast of Sealand. The record is mixed by Knut
Haavik (Hotel Hunger, Atterman etc.), who has assisted the band in bringing the cinematic qualities of the songs to life, while retaining plenty of
warmth and presence in the sound. Sonically, the listener has arrived together with the band somewhere on the “Nordic Prairie” and is invited on a
journey of discovery into an epic universe that stands on the shoulders of legends as The Band, Fleetwood Mac, ZZ Top and The Doors.
Side A
1. Heart Is A Highway
2. Skeleton Man
3. Blues Trap
4. Blood
5. The Road Goes On Forever
Side B
1. Get High
2. Tuesday’s Gone
3. Time Flies By
4. Morning Mist
5. I’ve Been Waiting So Long
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