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Item no. : HPS113CD
Artist : GIOBIA
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 07 February 2020



The new Giöbia album “Plasmatic Idol” is simply impressive: a collection of different sounds and atmospheres, brings the listener to another sidereal world full of dreams and mind travels. You can clearly feel the influence of certain Pink Floyd in some passages but also pinches of Italian Progressive Rock, Horror Soundtrack from 70’s movies, garage 60’s influences, US West Coast Psychedelia, and late 60’s Space Rock a la Hawkwind. The production is delicate and smooth, the album flows without interruptions and the music immerses your mind in a cosmic dimension. The vintage organs and synthesizers are used in the best way possible, 8 tracks that capture your attention without distraction. Produced by Bazu the guitar player and singer of the band and Mixed and Mastered By Brett Orrison (Black Angels, Jack White)  at Spaceflight Records in Austin, Texas.
1. Parhelion
2. In The Dawnlight
3. Plasmatic Idol
4. Haridwar
5. The Escape
6. Far Behind
7. Heart Of Stone
8. In The Mirror House
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