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Product type : Compact Disc EP
Label : MDD
Release Date : 05 July 2024



Massive Metal!

The Germans from Grand Massive have been on the road since 2009 and have been able to gain a steadily growing following with 4 albums and several singles and EPs, as well as retaining it with massive live performances. With "Houses Of The Unholy", the Bavarians are now releasing 5 songs that, with a playing time of just under 28 minutes, are not far removed from the long-players of many other colleagues, but are not a "normal" release for the band itself.

Rather, it is intended to bridge the waiting time for the next, "really long" album. In order to emphasize the special nature of the release, the aim was to bring some old companions on board right from the start. For example, original drummer Holger Stich was on drums for the recordings and Randy M Salo, an old companion of the band, was on bass. Above all, none other than the legendary Bay Area guitarist Doug Pearcy (Blind Illusion, ex-Heathen, ex-Anvil Bitch) recorded almost all the solos!

The album was mastered by Andy Claasen at Stage One Studio and with "Jump In The Fire" they took a Metallica classic and interpreted it in their very own, doomy, massive metal guise! In the end, "Houses Of The Unholy" is much more than just a "gap filler", but rather a massive demonstration of musical elemental force.

EP with running time 28 minutes.
1. Those From The Shadows
2. Unwritten Prophecy
3. The Last Mountain
4. Call Of Demons
5. Jump In The Fire
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