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Item no. : VSP164
Artist : GRORR
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 26 March 2021



Grorr was created in 2005 in Pau (France). Its music mixes progressive/math/rock/metal featuring the use of traditional instruments from all around the world, all crafted within concept albums. Grorr surprises and gathers both organic and powerful music imprinted with various atmospheres.

About the album:
Opening Scene: Ddulden is standing at the edge of steep mountain slope. He seems to stare at the highest peak by the other side of the valley he used to know so well. Eyes full of hope, he is about to step into the void riding his handmade flying machine to achieve his lifelong goal: reach the peak and explore what is beyond...

Opening Credits...
« Ddulden’s Last Flight » is a concept album resuming aspects of progressive music standards. Its role is to musically depict the journey of a hero evolving within an adventure story, based upon the original script from the unfinished eponym movie. As usual, Grorr uses societal issues as a writing material, brought here by Luddism and Neo-Luddism ways of thinking. As well as being a soundtrack telling a coming-of-age chronicle, this opus is also a logbook for the band, who wanted to inject its own story into the journey.

This album is designed according to classics of great adventure movies’ and their OSTs. It exhibits eight sequences crafted with various aesthetics such as modern metal, traditional music from around the world and symphonic orchestrations inspired by compositions dedicated to the Seventh Art.

1. Ddulden Dreams Beyond the Peak
2. Sky High
3. Hit the Ground
4. Sirens Call
5. Ddulden Flies to his Fate
6. Blackened Rain
7. Newborn Whirlwind
8. Last Flight
9. Orang Lao (Bonus Track)
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