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Item no. : HPS189LP
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 28 January 2022



NEW ALBUM by the Swedish heavy doom band HAZEMAZE!

"In the year of the pandemic, we decided to finally put our efforts towards writing a new record. As the year progressed and the world got darker, so did our songwriting. For this record, we wanted to continue to follow the same dark thematic approach as our previous release, but even more sinister and complex. “Blinded by the Wicked” explores cults and their leaders' malevolent intentions that corrupted the weak minded.

For this record, we worked together with our longtime friend Timmy Ternestål at Studio Ingenstans in our hometown of Strängnäs. We had the good fortune to develop a more mature sound, and explore new elements. The record was later mastered at Studio Humbucker by the eminent Robert Pehrsson (Death Breath, Dead Lord, Imperial State Electric).

We believe that we have created something mature, diverse and sabbathic and this record is showcasing it. A mixture between traditional doom metal and heavy rock; Rock’n’Doom to be precise!"

1. In The Night Of The Light, For The Dark
2. Devil's Spawn
3. Ethereal Disillusion
4. Sectatores Et Principes
5. Ceremonial Aspersion
6. Divine Harlotry
7. Luciferian Rite
8. Malevolent Inveigler
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