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Item no. : HPS169CDD
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Release Date : 04 June 2021



Portland, Oregon based quartet Hippie Death Cult present the reissue of their debut album "111". An album that serves as a musical bridge to their critically acclaimed debut “111”, while being a fresh exploration of sound and vision.

At a pivotal time in history of growing human influence upon ecosystems, biodiversity, and species extinction; quantum cognitive forces have brought 4 beings into alignment with each other and the universe to create Hippie Death Cult's debut album, "111".

A combined 100 years of musical craft and aspiration between the four collide within a colossal explosion of creativity, emotion, ability, and resistance; bringing quintessential songs to life as the earth approaches the end of the Holocene Epoch.

1. Sanctimonious
2. Breeder’s Curse
3. Unborn
4. Mrtyu
5. Pigs
6. Treehugger
7. Black Snake
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