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Release Date : 24 November 2008



After the debut album “Still At War”, the EPIC METAL band Holy Martyr is ready to strike with a new work, entitled “Hellenic Warrior Spirit”, a concept album about Spartans and the battle of Thermopiles. This theme had been one of the band’s supremacies, which the band started during the year 2003 with the release of the self-produced EP “Hail To Hellas”. This underground release set the ball rolling for the band and sent them on tour in Italy, Germany and Greece. Now the band is back again, with the same Spartan Spirit of five years ago. The Martyrs sing about the Hellenic Warrior Spirit, about all those who have not knelt facing the enemy, they sing about Sparta and about themes which go perfectly along with the evocative and powerful atmospheres of their music. Still Epic Metal to the bone, bonded to the New Wave Of British HEAVY METAL and to the great Heavy Metal style of the 80’s, the group has reached a higher level of song-writing, adding Folk, Progressive and Doom Metal elements to their musical style. Acoustic songs give a new trademark to the band, a mix between Folk and the Prog rock of the 70’s, combined together with heavy, slow and fast parts during all the album. The concept album opens in a strong and glorious way with the symphonic intro “March” and shows the war-like spirit of the Hellenes, of whom the Spartans were the worthy and respected Elite of warriors, as the title of the album suggests. On the other hand, the second part of the album becomes more solemn and melancholic, with parts that remind the atmospheres of the famous movie “300”, even if the picture was released after the “Hail To Hellas” EP. The album has been recorded in the New Sin Audio Design studios by the expert Luigi Stefanini (Labyrinth, Domine, Vision Divine) and once again it’s packaged with a precious art-work by Simona Ercole. Vittorio Ballerio, singer of the Italian cult-band Adramelch, is a guest on the album. A journey across the death on the battlefield, song after song...this is the real meaning of ‘Hellenic Warrior Spirit!
1. March 2. Spartan Phalanx 3. Lakedaimon 4. H’Tan H’Epi Tas 5. Hellenic Valour 6. kamari, Andreia, Polemos 7. The Call To Arms 8. Molon Labe 9. Defenders In The Name Of Hellas 10. The Lion Of Sparta 11. To Kalesma Sta Opla
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