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Item no. : SZR001CD
Artist : IBUKI
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 29 January 2021



Known for her range, tone, and power, IBUKI is one Japan's most gifted and respected heavy metal vocalists. After building a resume of  successful support and guest vocal performances, IBUKI’s stunning debut solo album, ExMyself, showcases her talent as not only a singer but as a heavy metal songwriter and arranger, taking her impressive decade-long career to a new level. From power metal anthems to pop infused electro-metal, ExMyself satisfies the high and diverse expectations of international metal fans while cementing IBUKI’s place in the lineage of J-metal. ExMyself - European Special Edition is IBUKI’s first official international release and features a brand-new bonus track, “Door to the New World,” recorded exclusively for this special edition.
1. Falling Bird  
2. ExMyself  
3. Shake Your Body  
4. Jealousy & Desire  
5. Un Soldat  
6. Break Out!  
7. Deserted Memory  
8. Sky Above
9. Door to the New World
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