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Release Date : 30 September 2022



For the first time ever, the Impellitteri catalog has been made available worldwide: A legendary guitarist around the world, Chris Impellitteri is well known for his technical skill, as well as being an extremely melodic and proficient songwriter. Despite being a full American metal outfit, the Impellitteri catalog has been hard to pin down for western fans, with many fans having to buy expensive import copies direct from Japan, where Chris enjoys a huge following... this has changed with Global Rock officially licensing the full catalog between the years 1987 and 2010. In celebration of this occasion, Global Rock are releasing “Wake The Beast” a 3 CD set that encompasses the Impellitteri story from 1987-2010. Every song here selected by Chris himself as to what he feels are the highlights from some 12 different releases. Whether its fan favourite Rob Rock on vocals or the legendary Graham Bonnet behind the mic, one thing can be sure, the intensity never lets up. This is the first ever Impellitteri career spanning compilation released worldwide, featuring not only the well known album tracks, but rare Japan released only bonus songs, B-sides and more! Prepare to “Wake The Beast”...
CD 1:
1. Victim Of The System
2. Perfect Crime
3. Power Of Love
4. When The Well Runs Dry
5. 17th Century Chicken Pickin’
6. Spanish Fire
7. Rat Race
8. Lost In The Rain
9. Father Forgive Them
10. Hungry Days
11. Eye Of The Hurricane
CD 2:
1. Texas Nuclear
2. Speed Demon
3. On And On
4. Stand In Line
5. Secret Lover
6. Fly Away
7. Warrior
8. Hold The Line
9. The Young And The Ruthless
10. Ball And Chain
11. Wake Up Sally
CD 3:
1. Wake Me Up
2. Falling In Love With A Stranger
3. Rock & Roll Heroes
4. Anti-Social Disease
5. Burning
6. Freakshow
7. Wicked Maiden
8. Garden Of Eden
9. Propaganda Mind
10. Stand Or Fall
11. I’ll Be With You
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