HEMORRHAGE - 1995-1999 (3CD)

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Release Date : 24 September 2021



Internal Bleeding the American Brutal Death Metal from Long Island, New York formed in 1991.

Internal Bleeding are pioneers of the style of death metal called "slam", based in Long Island, New York. Their sound has paved the way for a whole generation of death metal and death-core bands who put heavy, groove laden riffs in the forefront of their music.

This amazing CD set includes their first 3 albums!

CD1 Track List (Voracious Contempt)
1. Languish In Despair
2. Anointed In Servitude
3. Reflection Of Ignorance
4. Epoch Of Barbarity
5. Gutted Human Sacrifice
6. God Of Subservience
7. Prophet Of Blasphemes
8. Humanicide
9. Inhuman Suffering
10. Despoilment Of Rotting Flesh

CD2 Track List (The Extinction Of Benevolence)
1. Prepare For Extinction
2. Ocular Introspection
3. The Extinction Of Benevolence
4. Prevaricate
5. Ruthless Inhumanity
6. Plagued By Catharsis
7. Conformed To Obscurity
8. Genetic Messiah
9. Cycle Of Vehemence

CD3 Track List (Driven To Conquer)
1. Rage
2. Driven To Conquer
3. Falling Down
4. Six Shots In Dallas
5. Conditioned
6. Inhuman 99
7. Invisible
8. Slave Soul
9. Anthem For A Doomed Youth

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