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Item no. : SUCD137
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : SUTRA
Release Date : 06 October 2023



Iron Maiden’s Killer World Tour ran from 17 February to 15 November 1981. It would be the band's first world jaunt, including as it did their debut shows in North America (where they supported Judas Priest) and Japan, where they recorded the live release, Maiden Japan. The band moved into larger venues in the United Kingdom, including at London’s Hammersmith Odeon. 
This would be Iron Maiden's last tour with singer Paul Di'Anno, who was dismissed shortly afterwards due to his unreliability. He was replaced with Samson vocalist Bruce Dickinson, with whom the band undertook a short series of concerts in Italy and the UK before they set about writing and recording their next album, The Number of the Beast. 
The tour kicked off with numerous UK dates, followed by shows in France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. But prior to the tour starting, Maiden had performed a TV special for the German Beat Club series in Bremen. The performance was aired while the band were touring Germany, on 29th April.
Still regarded as Iron Maiden’s finest ever TV appearance, the show remains a favourite among fans, and the entire event is now released on this new CD title for the first time.
1 Ides OF March  1:49 
2 Prowler  4:04
3 Charlotte the Harlot  4:44
4 Wrathchild  3:10
5 Remember Tomorrow  4:21
6 Remember Tomorrow (Second Take)  5:42
7 Transylvania  4:09
8 Running Free  3:30
9 Innocent Exile  4:18
10 Sanctuary  4:14
11 Killers  5:20
12 Another Life  3:49
13 Phantom of the Opera  7:28
14 Iron Maiden  4:21
15 Sanctuary (Second Take)  4:18


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