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Item no. : CSK387CD
Artist : HEADROT
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : CASKET
Release Date : 02 September 2016



Headrot began life as long ago as 1989 in Rhode Island, USA, and within a single year, they sold over 10,000 units of their debut demo release “I Gulp Your Guts” , only to better this a year on again with their second release “The Agonisizing Sufferance of Dismemberment”, hitting close to 20,000 copies and now record labels were taking a serious interest, none more so that Roadrunner who offered the band a contract, but the band, still too young to sign such a deal, turned this down on the basis that the parents were not keen to sign it. They eventually released an EP on Dissonant and in 2005 a rare copy of this sold on eBay for over $75. The band then received an offer from Pavement Rcds, but sadly split just before this came to any fruition, with the album, never seeing the light of day. But it was a chance approach by Pathos Rcds who asked if he could release a compilation album, that got the Headrot guys speaking again and in 2012, they opened for Terrorizer at the New Jersey Death Fest. The band have played with Autopsy, Repulsion, Mortician, Brutal Truth, Incantation, Impaled Nazarene, Suffocation and many others and now armed with their new album “Human Buffet” to be released through Casket Music / PHD for worldwide distribution, there is talk of the band coming to European shores.
1. Sleepless Bloodlust (Don’t Fall Asleep)
2. Removing The Flesh
3.Sucking Up Your Own Guts
4. Feasting Upon The Flesh
5. Hammer To The Head
6. Cease To Exist
7. Pigs In Worship
8. Pathways To The Flesh
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