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Item no. : HRR143LP4
Artist : JAGUAR
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 24 August 2018



If you still believe in Santa Claus, then you probably also think that Speed Metal was invented in the United States of America! Metallica, Slayer, Exodus – forget all about them. Speed Metal was invented in Great Britain. In Bristol, to be precise. In the year of the Lord 1982. This year Jaguar released their landmark debut album entitled “Power Games“. And the world was never the same again … “Opening the Enclosure“ shows a truely legendary band in its infancy. Before “Power Games“ Jaguar had already released two 7" singles: “Back Street Woman“ on Heavy Metal Records in 1981 and “Axe crazy“ a year later on Newcastle's own Neat Records. The number “Stormchild“, possibly the centrepiece of “Opening the Enclosure“, might as well be called the first Speed Metal composition in Heavy Metal history. Jaguar guitarist Garry Pepperd says: “Of course Metallica borrowed our song 'Stormchild' and turned it into 'Whiplash'. That is flattering I guess!“ “Opening the Enclosure“ is full of classic songs. Ten New Wave Of British Heavy Metal masterpieces, from “Feel the Heat“ to “Scrap Metal“. Although the recordings are only demos, the production would put some current bands to shame. Whereas “Ain't no Fantasy“ or “War Machine“ appeared in different versions on “Power Games“, jewels like “Crack in the Wall“, “Piledriver“ or “Wastin' Time“ never made it onto the original debut album!
1. Feel The Heat
2. Piledriver
3. Battlecry
4. Stormchild
5. Ain't No Fantasy
6. War Machine
7. Battlecry
8. Crack In The Wall
9. Wastin' Time
10. Scrap Metal
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