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Item no. : OMEN021
Product type : Vinyl LP
Label : BAD OMEN
Release Date : 27 September 2019



Born and bred in London, John Hoyles moved to Sweden in his early teens where he became the lead guitarist in the legendary doom metal band Witchcraft in the year 2000 playing on their self-titled debut, 'Firewood' & 'The Alchemist'. Nine years later he founded the band Spiders, and in 2016, he formed the group Big Kizz, together with his friend Axel Sjöberg from Graveyard. Whether creating in tandem with his fellow musicians or flying solo on his own, Hoyles creates music from the heart: some punk, pub rock, a little 70's glitter, heavy psych and a touch of vintage metal. His playing and singing are honest and accomplished while his warm, wicked tone is unmistakable. 

Bad Omen Records reissue Hoyles' 2017 solo album, 'Night Flight' (previously issued on the now defunct Swedish label Crusher Records), including the previously unreleased track "Highwire". One of the more interesting rock releases of the past few years, 'Night Flight', is a killer sounding rock and roll album that would sit right at home in the late 1970’s London scene. It's also the first time that the guitarist brought his gruff British-accented snarl to the mic, to alluring result. The eight track album clocks in at just under 22 minutes and includes the punk-flavored opener ‘Talking About You’, the acid folk cut ‘In the Garden’, the psychedelic title track, a killer cover of former Pink Fairies guitarist Larry Wallis’ “Police Car”, and more.

1. Talking About You
2. Night Flight
3. Police Car
4. Minefield
5. In the Garden
6. The Dark Decent
7. Tomorrow
8. Highwire
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