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Release Date : 20 April 2018



Permanent Vacation is the first solo album from Jørgens Sandvik, known as the amazing guitar guitar player, singer and composer of the folk folk rock band Real Ones. This album is Jørgen’s exploration of the blues. The album is traditional, yet experimental. The album is recorded with some unusual instruments like the TR808, flutes, cello and pump organ. But most of all Permanent Vacation is Jørgen Sandvik playing guitar and singing with great respect for the old masters and the tradition. To quote one of the many radio presenters who aired the single Tell Your Mother, “Jørgen Sandvik moves the blues forward” Jørgen Sandvik’s refreshing take on the blues may be just what we need to keep the cornerstone tradition of the blues alive. Jørgen thinks the blues is more of a state of mind than a genre. The sound of the album is fresh and raw, and his use of non traditional instruments are subtle. The record is produced by his band mate Ivar Chelsom Vogt of the Real Ones and himself with help from his many musical friends. The mix and mastering is done by Jørgen Træen. Jørgen is an award winning artist and composer. He has toured the world and recorded with major Norwegian artists. Please welcome his first solo debut, Jørgen Sandvik - Pemanent Vacation.
1. The Devil got My Woman
2..Tell Your Mother
3. Is There Hope?
4. Midnight Special
5. It Will Happen
6. This Hole Is Not So Deep
7. Will People Talk About Me
8. The Law
9. The World Keeps On Turning
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