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Release Date : 04 May 2018



"Righteously Wrong" is Josefin Winther's ( from Bergen, Norway) fourth studio album and after the succes of "Flowers" in 2015, Winther has continued to work with legendary producer Yngve Sætre. The album is a continuation of the longing to be able to catch for a moment - whether it's dizzy of soreness and fragility or waves of magnificent melancholy. The themes of the texts are derived from their own experiences in meeting the many phases and shades of life.
With her on the album, she has top class musicians like Ivar Thormodsæter and Iver Sandøy ( ensalved and Emmerhoff) on drums, the Oslo violinists Madeleine Ossum and Isa Caroline Holmesland, Chris Holm ( Sondre Lerche) on bass and Reidar Opdal on the keys.
1. Violence
2..Walls in Beijing
3. Wild in the night time
4. Moving Forward
5. Righteously wrong
6. Joke
7. Long night
8. Nietzsche
9. Save my love
10.Protect you from the past
11. Don't forget
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