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Item no. : AP020LP
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Release Date : 01 December 2017



This album “Kabaret Makaber” merges 30's swing jazz with German cabaret, expressed with “punkish” intensity as well as hurtful tendernes. The songs are presented by the very skilled musicians consisting of marimba, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, upright bass, drums and vocals. The norwegian lyrics explore the lonelyness of the nordic wild, expressed in music about sitting in driverless busses destined to somewhere unkown, a trip into dark angst. Or finding the comfort of an unkown stranger with snake skins shoes. A meeting, unsettling as well as soothing, especially since this man surely is your very own devil. And in the frenzy in trying to mend the solitude with laughter and dancing, hilarity easily shifts into cryful shouts.
1. Djevel
2. Bankranaren
3. Bygdetango
4. Feil buss
5. Dans med meg
6. Gravferd i Kaupanger
7. Flukta over Filefjell
8. Dei raude skoi
9. Vals med meg, baby
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