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Release Date : 15 December 2017



Thirty years after his solo EP "Can't Go On Without Your Love" Lars now delivers "Sand and Blood", his first all electric album in four years (in 2015 Lars released his all acoustic "Songs from a Different Room") Available as Digipak, Download and Streaming. Lars is also offering a free downloadable magazine that includes all the lyrics, extended discography and more. The 11 track "Sand and Blood" is a hard rocking album filled with hunger and passion, made to be played loud and songs written for the stage. Behind each and every one of these songs there is a true story deeper than you might think when you first hear them. Lars put a lot of attention into arranging these songs making sure they were getting to the point without being too long or unnecessary complex and his guitars have for sure never sounded this great before. The album ends with first a new version of the 1987 classic "Can't Go On Without Your Love" and finally the epic ballad "Still Here Waiting" featuring the amazing Adrienn Antal on vocals. In a way you could say that all these 11 songs are about love but the truth is that there is a lot of depth and pain behind each and every one of them. Musically Lars decided early on to make a straight ahead rock album paying homage to his early influences spiced up with the experience only someone with 30 releases behind himself can add. But most of all, "Sand and Blood" is a dedication to the love of music. "Evolve or Die"!
01. Rock Your World
02. Snow Queen
03. You
04. Queen of Love
05. Helena of Troy
06. Stand Up and Shout
07. Bleed for You
08. I’ll be Your Light
09. If Loving You is a Sin
10. Can’t Go On Without Your Love (2017)
11. Still Here Waiting (feat. Adrienn Antal)
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