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Release Date : 07 October 2022



"Miserere", the DMP debut by THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET is the deepest, bleakest, most contemplative emission to-date from hyper-prolific composer Jason Köhnen (CELESTIAL SEASON, BONG-RA, MANSUR, ex-THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE). Working for over 30 years in such varied styles as Doom Metal, Electronica, Jazz, Ambient and Drone, this mesmerizing new work is Köhnen’s devilish counterpart to the operatic chamber jazz-noir of 2021's "In Memoriam" and the aural embodiment of his research into philosophy, antiquity, mythology and hermeticism.


In the words of the composer: ""Miserere" is a musical submergence into songs of repentance. Inspired by Psalm 51, one of the penitential psalms most widely known from 17th century Italian composer Gregorio Allegri. This new adaptation of "Miserere" wanders into the darkest corners of the human soul: Doomjazz mercilessly mixed with the ambience of Black Metal, Gregorian soprano singing juxtaposed with unholy cavernous screams. "Miserere" aims to find the darkest parts of the spirit. Repentance, penitence, grief, mourning and humiliation. The first ever recorded Doomjazz Blackmass"

1. Miserere [Opus I] - Occulta
2. Miserere [Opus II] - Domine
3. Miserere [Opus III] - Sanctum
4. Miserere [Opus IV] - Sacrificium
5. Miserere [Opus V] - Humiliatum
6. Miserere [Opus VI] - Libera
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