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All right! Anyone into the Bay Area thrash metal sound as well the best of contemporary aggro-metal, there is no need to look further. Finnish album debutants The Machete swing the blade right at your skull, and with chops honed in bands such as Mind Riot and Mokoma (Finnish-sung thrash metal chart toppers) you can damn well be sure the guys are not playing around. The album is titled Regression, and indeed, The Machete bow not to the latest trends but instead play true-as-steel metal that is both timeless and lethal in intent.

The Machete was born early 2003 and by autumn, an album’s worth of material had already taken shape through intensive jamming sessions between the founding members. The band soon entered the studio for the recordings of their first and only demo, after which the line up finally settled as Juha Javanainen (guitar), Santtu Hämäläinen (guitar), Teemu Saikkonen (drums), Tuomo Saikkonen (vocals, recently also bass).

The album was mixed at Music Bros Studio by Miitri Aaltonen and with its August release, we can look forward to some killer live shows by The Machete by the end of the year. Meanwhile, take a spin of Regression: metal the way it was meant to be. Plenty of aggression, tempo-changes, spiced with a diversity of vocal styles, and sharp as the knife the band was named after in execution.


  • 01. True Nature
  • 02. Lost for Words
  • 03. New Me
  • 04. Turned to Dust
  • 05. Total Desecration
  • 06. The Taint
  • 07. Fool for Respect
  • 08. Inward Spiral
  • 09. Blind
  • 10. Mouth Head
  • 11. Bitter End
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