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Item no. : CDARL055
Artist : MASSEN
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 01 December 2023



A dark space in the heart of Belarus filled with unique melodies, black/death metal intensity and engaging sounds. MASSEN from Minsk are creating their own niche within the jar of melodic extreme metal. This does not only go for their instrumental content, but also for their lyrics. These are delivered in Belarusian, which makes them even more emotional in every way. You can hear all the aggression as well as all the desire through their words and voices. The best way to describe their music is “ContrAesthetic”, the title of their Apostasy Records debut.
01. The Depth
02. Cold Clouds
03. A Step To Silence
04. By Water To The Sun
05. The Flock Of Whores
06. Contraesthetics pt. 1
07. Contraesthetics pt.2
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