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Item no. : 6422125
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : WARE
Release Date : 01 April 2022



The record company "Biotop Label" has become a kind of second musical home for Mathias Schaffhäuser in the past
decade. At the center of this period is the album "Diderot" with the single release "Abyss", flanked by three standalone EPs. Unfortunately, the label from Constance has never experienced the popularity it deserved, and therefore Schaffhäuser has decided to re-release some of the tracks from this period as an album on Ware.
1. The Unstoppable Bubble Machine
2. Mein Freund, der Traum
3. Ach & Krach (Rudolfo Irving Rework)
4. Morose
5. Phantom Pain (Exclusive Album Mix)
6. Democracy Rules O.K.
7. Expectable Unexpected
8. I Feel Everything (Exclusive Album Mix)
9. Nicht verhandelbar
10. Abyss (Accelerated Mix)
11. Ach & Krach
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