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Chest (CM)

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Release Date : 07 January 2022



MEMORY GARDEN were formed in 1992 in Sweden, recording demo and EP releases (including "Forever", one of the finest EPs in metal history) until 1996 where their debut full-length album "Tides" shocked the Doom Metal world. A technical, crushing and powerful album that paved the way for the future, with MEMORY GARDEN joining Metal Blade Records releasing the albums "Verdict of Posterity" (1998) and "Mirage" (2000). At that point, Memory Garden were already hailed as one of the leading forces of the Power/Doom Metal field. And while time and tide wait for no man, they kept the course releasing "Carnage Carnival" (2008) and "Doomain" (2013). Eight years later, Swedish powerdoom-metal is ready to strike again with an album that will shock the scene.

1. Shallow Waters
2. Pariah
3. Distrust
4. Rivers Run Black
5. The Flagellants
6. The Messenger
7. The Empiric
8. 1349
9. Blood Moon

Bonus Tracks (for digipak CD and double vinyl set, only):
10. Unrestrained
11. Heart Of The Dark (Demo 1993)
12. Legions Of The Lost (Demo 1993
13. Up From The Ashes (Demo 1993)

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