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Item no. : DRUG9CD
Artist : MEVADIO
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 05 May 2008



Once again Danish metal act MEVÃDIO is aiming at Europe – and this time with their heaviest artillery ever! Their highly acclaimed new release “Fresh Kill Daily” made the Danish press and metal audiences seek shelter from the burst of riffs - and from their trenches, they’ve all sent cascades of applauses and acknowledgements at the album. “Fresh Kill Daily” is a manifestation of what MEVÃDIO was ever about: deep respect for the greats of rock and heavy metal. The album places the listener somewhere in between The Cult and Slayer without any regards whatsoever for trends, schools and sorry-ass band wagons. Instead it’s a brutal onslaught of thrashy groovy riffs, thunderous bass and diabolic vocals – all mixed up in MEVÃDIO’s unique mix of dynamics and melodic phrases.
1. Abusers Manual
2. Ultimate Human Virtues
3. Norma Jean
4. The Propaganda
5. 5 Necessary Kills
6. Directors Cut
7. Seven Deadly Songs
8. Operation Sabbatical
9. My Sweet Cage
10. Project New Start
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