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Item no. : DVPR002LP
Artist : MP
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 18 June 2021



RELICS FROM THE CRYPT, the newly founded sub-label of DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS, is proud to present a reissue of MP’s cult-classic debut album, Bursting Out (The Beast Became Human), on CD and vinyl LP formats! Originally released in 1986 on the short-lived Steps Records, Bursting Out (T he Beast Became Human) was the first recorded statement of Germany’s MP. As such, it retains all the electricity and urgency of youth. It also upholds Germany’s rich heritage of heavy metal, which spanned the early hot-rockin’ throes of post-NWOBHM to the nascent rumblings of speed metal and its subsequent thrash offshoot, and of course the more mainstream stylings which lingered across all those idioms. It was still the 1980s, after all, and “heavy metal” as both a term and especially a musical style & subculture had yet to be too finely locked into boundaries. And with a complete lack of self-consciousness and, in its stead, an abundance of enthusiasm and energy, MP ably crisscrossed all these metals on their debut album, Bursting Out (T he Beast Became Human).
1. Bursting Out
2. MP (Metal Priests)
3. Startide Rising
4. Pyromania
5. Out for Love
6. On the Loose Again
7. Fight For Your Life
8. Hellglow
9. No More Heroes
10. World of Tiers
11. Bursting Out (live)
12. Driver (live)
13. Hawk of May (live)
14. Not for the Innocent (live)
15. Get it Now (live)
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