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Item no. : RISINGCD096
Artist : NEONFLY
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 09 October 2015



WITH few bands putting their hands up to take on the steel-covered gauntlet from the bigger names of power metal, there is a void available for Londoners Neonfly. With plenty of technical chops, a thirst for progression and a shameless devotion to the histrionics of their chosen field, they certainly have a claim. A Gift To Remember has the chorus to qualify it as a genuine metal hit, while instrumental The Ornament gives a chance for Frederick Thunder and Patrick Harrington to trade off some gorgeous lead guitar work. Though the thin production at times lets down the bravado and Willy Norton's vocals don't hit the required heights on bombastic The Enemy, there's no disputing the proggy virtuosity and power metal pillars on The Revenant and string-led Reality Shift.

1 Broken Wings

2 The Enemy

3 Ship With No Sails

4 A Gift To Remember

5 The Revenant

6 The Ornament

7 Reality Shift

8 Spitting Blood

9 Morning Star

10 The Messenger

11 I Think I Saw a U.F.

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