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Item no. : BLOOD221
Artist : ODDZOO
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 12 October 2018



Storming out of the gates of France's electro and noise scenes comes the hair-raising debut full-length from OddZoo. “Future Flesh”marks the arrival of a new heavyweight in the indie-pop and noise world, creating their own pulsing club of synth, experimental noise, post-punk, and hardcore, all wrapped in an indie-pop shell which delivers catchy melodies and hooks amidst darkness and strobe lights. Effortlessly blending the project's deep and diverse influences, the band touches upon the best moments of The Soft Moon, M83, A Perfect Circle, and Cult of Luna, while also going far beyond for those who grew up enjoying the noisier side of Pavement, or the softer side of Crystal Castles, as well as those with an interest in Dadaism and the otherworldly atmospheres of bands like Astronoid. OddZoo's dynamic debut tracks comprise an already-impressive résumé, appearing as the vocals on Perturbator's “Vantablack” and Carpenter Brut's “Anarchy Road.” Completed over the course of several years, the album features mixing assistance by Perturbator, as well as mastering duties by Cult of Luna's own drummer and internal engineer – Magnus Lindberg. The band's debut is a carefully-plotted and incredible amalgamation of noise and experimentation. Poised to light up the indie-pop scene, OddZoo invites you to both dance and destroy in its noisy melodic fury.
1. Beginnings
2. Little Death
3. Post Partum
4. Cardionoise
5. Lizzy
6. Lunesta
7. Black Flags in the Breeze
8. Another Cold Strong Drink
9. Shapes and Perspectives
10. Rest and Resurrect
11. Singularity
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