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Born back in the early eighties behind the iron curtain, no-one could imagine the possibility that the young brothers and troublemakers Beverly and Rik and their two friends Ändru und TV Mörk would get together to form a punk rock band. The four piece moved to dirty Berlin as soon as they turned 18 to start their punk rock mission. To be honest, the start was not that glorious. The temptations of the big city lights, beers, booze and drugs blurred the bands vision at first. During those early years (2002-2005) the band only managed to get 20 gigs under their belts. Just as the punk pioneers of the previous generation the band decided to moderate their lifestyle and after a while of nearly well-ordered life in the band’s rehearsal room the first 7inch Single “Out of Tune” was released by themselves. Loads of live shows were played, several 7inches were released and the Radio Dead Ones became one of Berlins best kept Punk Rock secrets. Three years later the first self titled full length album hits the streets. Packed with raw, tough sounding songs it was very well received by the media and the fans. The band played countless shows all over Europe, shared stages with bands like The Backyard Babies, Dropkick Murphys, US Bombs, Mad Sin, Die Toten Hosen, Agnostic Front and could build up a massive live following with their energetic live shows. 2010 the “Berlin City EP” was released. This limited 10inch vinyl - containing a Swingin’ Utters Cover, Rock n Roll inspired Instrumentals and a hymn for Berlin (The german version of this hymn featured Mad Sin’s Köfte) – was completely sold out within a couple of month. Later this year they supported the Beatsteaks during their Euro Club-Tour 2010. In the meantime the band played their 300th live show – a number to be proud of and a perfect indicator that shows what the band is all about. True passion for what they do and always ready to give themselves and their audience a time to remember. With the new album “AAA” the band shows that they are ready to make the next step forward. Packed with Punk Rock tunes that have the Capability for future classics the record will take the hearts of the fans by storm.
CD 1. Intro 2. Sensual Seduction 3. Emerging Market 4. Too Selective 5. Cigars + Rum 6. Angelina 7. Dirty Love Hotel 8. Into The Sun 9. Fuck Em All 10. Mary Me Or Bury Me 11. Not Here 12. RDO 2 (BRAMF) 13. Smoking 14. You Don't Make Me Feel Anything 15. Outro
Bonus CD 1. Promises 2. Time Filled The Ashtray 3. Don't Tell Me No Lies 4. Salute The Truth 5. Finished
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