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Item no. : BT001CD
Artist : RED ROSE
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 24 October 2011



Red Rose formed in 2010 in Israel. Their music style turned out to be some sort of mixture of Rock, Neo-Classical Metal and Progressive, playfully called among the band members "good music". When it came to choosing a name for the project, “Red Rose” wasn’t argued much. It seemed to precisely represent the band's general vision: the beauty and romance of a dream along with the thorns of reality. When sketches were ready and it was time to rehearse and wrap up the material, everything came into place very quickly and 'Leave The Life You've Imagined' became reality. Red Rose recorded the album at Jailhouse Studios, Denmark, with renowned producer Tommy Hansen. The band was very excited about Tommy’s work with Helloween, Jorn and many other international acts and they all agreed that his signature sound was what their music demanded. The band logo and album artwork have been handled by Brazilian artist Jobert Mello (Sabaton, Benedictum).
1. Turn Back The Time (4:28)
2. Name On The Stone (4:06)
3. The Last Drop (4:55)
4. Gone With The Sunrise (4:07)
5. Live The Life You’ve Imagined (4:09)
6. Dreamer (5:19)
7. Tough To Love (2:42)
8. When The Sun Goes Down (2:42)
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