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REV 16:8

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Chest (CM)

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Item no. : AFMCD352
Artist : REV 16:8
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 11 April 2011



The goal of REV 16:8, since its beginning, is to create the most professional, powerful and hateful black metal out there. After 10 years of struggle, ignorant fucks and tons of bullshit, a new devotion and determination has led to what today is the force of the band. REV 16:8 was born from the ashes of Bloodshed in early 2008, starting as a five-piece band with the members: Themgoroth, Nefastus, Ill, Pata and Talon. A promo-pack was soon recorded and the first gigs scheduled in Germany. The recording of the first studio album entitled "Grand Tidal Rave" started in late 2008 with the band's core members Pata, Nefastus and Talon. It was later released by Temple Of Darkness Records in 2009. Now the band is ready to begin a new chapter of their history. It is entitled "Ashlands" and will see the light of day via AFM Records!
01. Agenda
02. Ashlands
03. Blackline Sundown
04. A Study In Patterns And Habits
05. The Chase
06. Serenade
07. Rust Retinal Vein
08. Coal Mirror
09. When Your Words Are Obsolete
10. Leave Me
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