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Item no. : BLR331622
Artist : ROCK-OLA
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 06 October 2017



Compilation album "Beautiful Rough – Best Of Rock-Ola" covers the whole career of Ola, who is royalty in the book of his many admirers, but he has never needed the title King of Rock 'n' Roll. He has allowed his music to speak for itself and left rivalry to those who were not going to get there on their own. As for many others, Rock-Ola's first idol was the Rock and Roll King of Kings, Elvis Presley. It's impossible not to detect his influence on Rock-Ola's singing.

Ola started his musical career as a drummer, which is still detectable in the insightful rhythmic realization of his singing. He had already obtained nationwide repute in the lineup of the popular Johnny and The New Dodgers, but when he was invited to join Lonestars, he started to gain attention also as a vocalist. The Lonestars was feted as a Finnish rockabilly super group with three equal vocalists in Teddy Guitar, Buck Jones and Rock-Ola.

The solo career of Rock-Ola was soon gaining international momentum. He played with various Swedish backup bands almost every weekend, but better things were yet to come. In 1981 he recorded his first solo single with The Blue Cats, a solidly popular British rockabilly band. In 1990 Ola claimed new territory by joining The Charades – which had been an instrumental group until then – as a vocalist. The Charades played melodic rock rather than traditional rock 'n' roll, and this made an enduring impact on Ola's future performance. When Ola managed to bring together his current band Rock-Ola & The Freewheelers, it promptly joined the frontline of Finnish rock 'n' roll. Recordings and live shows of the band are powerful proof of the strong gig credentials of the band.

1. Promised Land [Rock-Ola & The Freewheelers] *
2. Soldier Of Love [Rock-Ola & The Freewheelers] *
3. Almost 12 O'Clock [Rock-Ola With The Blue Cats]
4. Rock The Barn [Rock-Ola With The Blue Cats]
5. Yesterday Is Gone [Rock-Ola]
6. Remember Me [Rock-Ola & The Freewheelers]
7. San Francisco [Rock-Ola & The Charades]
8. Palasiksi hajoan (I Go To Pieces) [Rock-Ola & The Charades]
9. Two Faces [Rock-Ola & The Freewheelers]
10. For The Good Times [Rock-Ola With Johnny Filter Band] *
11. The Way You Look Tonight [Rock-Ola]
12. Blues From A Broken Heart [Lonestars]
13. I Got No Time [Rock-Ola With The Blue Cats]
14. Cryin' Over You [Rock-Ola & The Freewheelers]
15. Lovesick Clown [Rock-Ola]
16. It Hurts Me [Rock-Ola & The Charades]
17. Lovers Jamboree [Rock-Ola & The Freewheelers]
18. I’m Ready [Rock-Ola With The Butterfingers]
19. Slap That Bass [Rock-Ola With The Blue Cats]
20. Everybody's Dancin’ [Falcons]
21. Drivin' Wheel [Rock-Ola & The Freewheelers]
22. Sydän paholaisen (Heart Full Of Soul) [Rock-Ola & The Charades]
23. En peittää voi (Tender Feeling) [Rock-Ola & The Charades]
24. It’s All Because Of You [Rock-Ola]
25. Pan American Man [Lonestars]
26. I Ain't Goin' Nowhere [Rock-Ola With Boppin' Pete Trio]
27. You Don't Know Me [Rock-Ola With Olli Haavisto] *
* previously unreleased new recording
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