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Item no. : ROT3033CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : ROTTEN
Release Date : 05 May 2008



Salt the Wound was founded September 11, 2001 by original drummer Jim Agrippe and guitarist/vocalist Mike Kawkabany. The band continued as a duo until the addition of Kevin Schaefer as vocalist with Vince Stropki soon to follow on bass guitar. Jake Scott was added as a second guitar player in September of 2005 and soon became the only guitar player. As this quartet grew in popularity (STW) toured all through the tri-state area in support of their 2005 release “Bedpsprings and Bloodshed”. With gaining popularity the group has returned to the studio with the following line up changes to record the follow up to the prior. Nick Cetrone formally of other local bands (Skinny Tree, Red Cellar Doors, Disingrace) has now stepped in to fill the role on drums made available with Jim’s April 2006 departure. Vince has made the move from bass to guitar and that leads to the guys welcoming Dave Mihalik on bass.
1. The Beginning
2. Better Than This
3. The Conformist
4. We'll Sleep Until Sunset
5. Gloves
6. Gannon
7. A Slight Burning Sensation
8. Peas and Carrots
9. I Swear the Visine is for my Allergies
10. The Rape and Pillage of Spisville
11. Carnal Repercussions
12. The End
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