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Item no. : BLP0120VR
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 04 November 2022



Blistering Death Thrash from Sweden's newcomers-Sarcator!

Sarcator are a blackened thrash metal band that is heavily influenced by old school stylings.  Simply put, they aim to evoke titans of the genre that blurred the lines between first wave Black Metal such as BATHORY and VENOM and the Teutonic Thrash of SODOM

Get ready for their riffs, hooks, twists, and turns all through the album with slashes, stabs, impales, and burns like an extreme metal highlight reel whilst also being melodic, but just enough. 

Sarcator is Sweden's new hope when it comes to thrash metal. These teens from Trollhattan started out by playing Metallica covers. After working on their own material, they headed to the Studio-MT in their hometown to record their debut album, released in November of 2020. Only a few months after the release, they got nominated for Best Swedish Metal Group for the 2021 edition of the radio listeners' award, P3 Gold. Even if they didn't win, it was still significant proof that the band was on the right path and not bad for 4 guys still in high school. The music is heavily inspired by Metallica, Slayer, and the German Teutonic thrash metal wave and melodic death metal like The Crown and At The Gates. The Crown influences probably came by birth, as the line-up features The Crown’s Marko Tervonen’s son, Mateo Tervonen. This is the kind of death thrash that most old-school fans live for. You need to check this out.

1. Ascend
2. Perdition's Hand
3. Grave Maggot Future
4. Dreameater
5. The Long Lost
6. He Who Comes from the Dark
7. Devil Sun
8. Sorrow's Verse
9. Alkahest
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