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Item no. : ZEBU17LP
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 07 October 2016



Sarcofago’s influence and legacy in the realm of Extreme Metal cannot be overstated. Classics like INRI, Rotting, and The Laws of Scourge have paved the way for a large number of bands spanning various genres such as Black and Death Metal. The band’s demos have been shamelessly bootlegged for decades and demand for an official demos collection has been constant. Now, Greyhaze Records, in association with Brazil’s legendary Cogumelo Records, is releasing the album Die…Hard, the official and definitive collection of demo recordings by Sarcofago. Spanning 20 tracks, this demo collection includes Sarcofago’s official demos Satanic Lust, and Christ’s Death. In addition never-before available demos for all other Sarcofago official albums as well as Sarcofago’s previously unpublished first demos are all included. Visually, the album includes photos from all stages of the band’s career and special liner notes by Wagner Antichrist. Now available as a lavish double LP, Die...Hard!!! comes housed in a Gatefold jacket and includes a posters and special booklet. With a careful restoration and mastering process, Die…Hard will be a treat for all Sarcofago fanatics. The album should also please those who are interested in the history of Death and Black Metal and in bands such as Mayhem, Beherit, Black Witchery, and more.
1- Intro da Satanas
2- Satanas
3- Nightmare 
4- Third Slaughter
5- Intro da Satanas
6- Satanas
7- Nightmare
8- Third Slaughter
9- Intro
10- Satanas
11- Nightmare
12- Third Slaughter
13- The Black Vomit
14- I.N.R.I
15- Christ’s Death
16- Desecration of Virgin
17- Satanic Lust   
18- Alcoholic Coma
19- Secrets of a Window
20- Satanic Lust (Instrumental)
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