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Item no. : KING060CD
Artist : SATOR
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 25 April 2011



After a couple of years silence one of Swedens all time finest exports of rock n´roll SATOR is back with a new album entitled UNDER THE RADAR. The plan was to get the band back on track by playing shows all over Sweden and with that done SATOR are with the recording and release of this long awaited album beyond ready to make their move on the rest of Europe. The SATOR that the listener will deal with on this album is a band that has returned to their musical roots and besides just returning also has managed to squeeze and pour every drop of energy, creativity and influences from their long and winding career into 11 blistering tracks. It doesn’t take a degree of any kind to figure out where SATOR have their heart as far as musical influences goes – and in this bands case everything but that would be a slap in the face of what they stand for and are all about. To sum up UNDER THE RADAR in one sentence the listener will on this album get their share of a perfect rockpunk mix between Ramones, AC/DC and Social Distortion. If you wanna pin point something that always has and always will keep SATOR a little bit ahead of the rest of the rock pack it would have to be Chips Kiesbyes and Kent Norbergs standout vocal performances. In this area UNDER THE RADAR is no exception – Kents perfect harmonies and Chips rockin´ outbursts leaves the listener with an album where the vocal travels between Brian Johnson meets John Fogerty and Joey Ramone. With that said the album is still 100% SATOR and to my ears it’s sweet music that a band can sound so fresh, vital and energetic this far into their career. When listening to this album it’s close to impossible, and I dare you to be able, not to be amazed by the sheer joy and power emerging from a band that has been around for more than 20 years. The recipe for a great rock album hasn’t changed and SATOR has never been and sounded better …. but I will let you be the judge of that. “Established, developed, signed, sealed and delivered by the guiding hands of heroes and rebels SATOR still UNDER THE RADAR after over 20 years of Rock n´roll”
1. Your Ups Gets Me Down
2. Drive Through The Night
3. S.T.S.
4. Tonight´s The Night
5. Wanted: Hope And Pride Before I Die
6. When You Lie Down With Dogs
7. Under The Radar
8. The Get Out
9. You´ve Got Blood On Your Hands
10. We´re All Gonna Die!
11. Love Bells
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