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Release Date : 29 May 2020



When Shaman Elephant's debut album "Crystals" hit the streets in late 2016, Prog fans sat up and took notice of a band that was able to demonstrate an uncanny skill in the art of blending 60s and 70s psychedelia with progressive rock, and who sounded impressive not just in the studio, but also on stage - as fans who witnessed their shows in Norway and Europe are able to attest. And now, after honing those skills even further, Shaman Elephant are back with "Wide Awake but Still Asleep", an album that demonstrates just how much the band has matured as songwriters and musicians, whilst not losing any of that considerable Shaman Elephant charm. As the band says themselves: “With this album we feel like we have found out who we want to be as a band. Whilst the first album was going in all directions, this album feels more focused and mature. “Wide Awake but Still Asleep” is our attempt at making the melodies move like butterflies while the grooves sting like killer bees.” With yet another killer production from Iver Sandøy (drummer of Enslaved) at Solslottet Studio, with “Wide Awake but Still Asleep” Shaman Elephant has produced one hell of a follow up album.
1. Wide Awake but Still Asleep
2. H.M.S. Death, Rattle and Roll
3. Steely Dan
4. Ease of Mind
5. Magnets
6. Traveller
7. Strange Illusions
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