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Release Date : 01 October 2021



STACKRIDGE ‘50’ Recordings 1971 - 2021

On the afternoon of August 19th 1971 an event took place in the Garden of The Chelsea Arts Club, South Kensington, London, which was billed as “A Summer Garden Party”. The invited guests were a mix of music business luminaries – agents, managers, record company executives, venue promoters, music paper journalists and musicians from the worlds of rock and pop.

At 6.30pm a group of Musicians sauntered onto the lawn, plugged in their instruments and began to play perhaps the strangest tunes that these jaded ears had ever heard. Sadly they only managed three numbers before the club’s management asked them to stop as they had received so many phone call complaints about the “noise” from the neighbours...The name of the band was Stackridge.

This 3CD release is a celebration of 50 years, with a collection of the bands favourite tracks.

CD 1:
1. Overture
2. Fundamentally Yours
3. The Road to Venezuela
4. The Galloping Gaucho
5. Fish In A Glass
6. Friendliness
7. Dangerous Bacon
8. Pinafore Days
9. The Last Plimsoll
10. Humiliation
11. Hey! Good Looking
12. Syracuse The Elephant
13. The Volunteer
14. Something About the Beatles
15. Dancing On Air
16. Coniston Water
17. 32 West Mall
18. Do the Stanley

1. Who’s That Up There with Bill Stokes?
2. Teatime
3. The Steam Radio Song
4. It’s a Fascinating World
5. Pocket Billiards
6. No-ones More Important Than The Earthworm
7. Lummy Days 8. Wonderful Day
9. Keep On Clucking
10. Big Baby
11. Percy The Penguin
12. God Speed the Plough
13. Dora The Female Explorer (Single version)
14. Beating A Path
15. Grooving Along the Highway On A Monday Morning Once
16. Purple Spaceships Over Yatton
17. It Must Be Time for Bed

1. Fundamentally Yours
2. Over The Horizon
3. Long Dark River
4. Lost And Found
5. The Road to Venezuela
6. All I Do Is Dream Of You
7. Fish In A Glass
8. Highbury Incident
9. Red Squirrel
10. Lummy Days
11. Something About the Beatles
12. The Last Plimsoll
13. Boots And Shoes
14. Teatime
15. Slark
16. The Final Bow

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